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At Picnix, we carefully consider each individual challenge before beginning the design process. From start to finish, a team of highly trained professionals collaborate to perfectly craft an answer to today’s most challenging questions. Taking a personalized approach to each problem presented, we design and implement AI-driven solutions that will revolutionize the way your business operates.

Meet Iris: AI Driven Pornography Detection

Picnix understands there are many motives for blocking pornography, and we’re here to help, whatever your reason. We’ve developed Iris, a powerful, AI-driven app that blocks pornography across all your applications.

Learn more at: www.meetiris.ai

Oil & Natural Gas: AI Driven Location Prediction

Picnix provides state-of-the-art, AI-driven solutions for the oil and gas sector’s most challenging task of exploration, i.e. knowing where to drill. Using modern machine learning algorithms to optimize high-dimensional classification functions over a seismic survey’s acoustic feature space, Picnix delivers the industry’s most accurate and optimally informed oil and gas drilling location predictions. Oil and gas exploration using seismic data presents special challenges to the geologist and geophysicist – find out more about our oil and gas exploration A.I. Data Collection Protocol™

For more information about oil or gas, or a quote for your project, contact us.

Medical Imaging: AI Driven Anomaly Detection

Picnix partners with leading medical doctors to design computer vision solutions for medical imaging anomaly detection, assisting doctors in their goal of excellent patient care. AI solutions for Medical Imaging can drastically improve detection rates & reduce human fatigue associated with analyzing large numbers of medical scans.

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