Our Story

PicNix is a company focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to create products & solutions tailored to the world’s toughest challenges. Expanding on technology created for Covenant Eyes, the global leader in Internet Accountability and Filtering, PicNix helps businesses find innovative solutions for their industry. Presently, PicNix employs artificial intelligence techniques to aid in gas and oil exploration, pornography detection, and automotive mobility features. PicNix now anticipates working with doctors toward applying proprietary technology to improve detecting and identifying cancerous markers and patterns. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique problem and creating effective solutions that combine user focused design thinking with proven artificial intelligence techniques.

Machine Learning

We define Machine Learning as the science of getting computers to think, learn and act like humans do.  This learning is continuous and happens over time through providing data for training before allowing the computer to test it’s knowledge on real world problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broad term for a computer system that would apply similar consideration to a problem that a human in the same scenario would. In modern society we often use the word “smart” to define a product that has some ability to act on behalf of a user. AI takes the “smart” paradigm further, allowing a computer to understand the complexities behind a problem and apply human like intelligence toward selecting a solution.

What is Design Thinking?

For us Design Thinking refers to the process of applying the principles and tenents of user centered design toward each and every one of our projects. It is not simply enough to point a computer at a problem and expect it to provide a solution. What sets Picnix apart is our ability to understand the context of your problems and leverage design thinking to ensure that our solutions answer your problems and meet the needs of your users.