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What We Do.

Picnix is a company focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to create products & solutions tailored to the world’s toughest challenges. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique problem and creating effective solutions that combine user focused design thinking with proven artificial intelligence techniques.

Let us help you unlock the power of a custom AI solution for your business today.

Our Services.

Problem Analysis

Our team of UX & Data Science professionals is uniquely suited to analyzing your specific needs and determining how an AI & machine learning based approach is appropriate will best solve your challenges.

AI Data Collection Protocol™

Our team of Data Scientists professionals will consider your unique business and personal needs to craft a trademarked AI Data Collection Protocol™ perfectly tailored to efficiently, legally, and painlessly acquire the information needed to solve your challenge.

Algorithm Generation

Our team of expert data scientists will work with you to generate a machine learning algorithm, allowing for successful AI creation within your specific environment niche.

Picnix Powered Products.


Who We Are.

Picnix is a small group of intentionally chosen professionals from the fields of Data Science, User Experience, Business, Software Development, Graphic Design, and more. With their high skill level, professional expertise, and passion for their work, they are uniquely positioned for the world of AI innovation.

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